Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I renew my membership?

To find the membership renewal section, please navigate to ‘Memberships’ on the top part of the menu, click on ‘Membership Options’ and then click on the ‘Renewal’ button on the far right part of the blue menu at the top of the page. Please note that you will not be able to access the ‘renewal options’ link unless your membership is expired and needs to be renewed.

2. How can I get a criminal record check done?

Though we do not have a criminal record check page on our website, you can get a criminal record check form from the provincial Ministry of Justice webpage here (we are not responsible for content on the linked site). Please note that criminal record checks are required every five years for all RMTs in British Columbia.

3. How can I find portable massage tables for sale or rent?

To find equipment to buy or rent from other clinics/RMTs, please navigate to the ‘Services’ link and click on the ‘Sales and Rentals’ page listed on the menu. From there you will be able to browse items for sale or rent such as massage chairs (as well as office/clinic space).

4. How do I find information on direct billing?

To find information on direct billing, please navigate to Practice Resources > Clinical Admin Info and click on the ‘Other Information’ link at the top of the page. From there, choose ‘Billing, Charting, Scheduling and Management Software Chart.’

5. How can I tell if my insurance is occurence based?

If you are an RMTBC member and have malpractice insurance, please note that it is an Occurence-based insurance, as opposed to the inferior Claims-based insurance. An occurence policy is complete when you purchase it and on cancellation continues to provide coverage for future claims. Claims made policies provide coverage only so long as the insured continues to pay premiums. Read more about member benefits and insurance types here.

6. Where can I find consent forms, among other forms?

To view a number of important forms, including clinical medical forms, employment resources, financial information, and medical/legal information, please navigate to Information/Practice Resources (on the top part of the navigation menu) > Clinic Admin Info. There you will find a number of forms that may be useful to you, including interview tips for a potential job opportunity.

7. I am an RMT volunteering my time at an event – do I receive insurance coverage in case anything happens during the event from my RMTBC membership?

While you are covered as an individual RMT member, unfortunately when you volunteer, you have no coverage. However, you can purchase disability insurance before volunteering at the event if you are concerned about insurance issues.

8. Where can I find a list of continuing education courses?

Many courses offered by various instructors are on our Professional Education page and open to all RMTBC members. They are also available to non-members at a slightly higher fee. To visit this page, please navigate to the Professional Ed. link (at the bottom part of the menu banner). Then, choose our sponsored courses (professional ed. series), or our non-sponsored courses (additional courses).

9. What type of insurance do RMT students receive?

If the student has not yet written their CMTBC Board Exams, they may purchase malpractice insurance for relaxation massage only. The coverage is for $5 million dollars in malpractice and $5 million dollars in general. The cost of this insurance package is $80 dollars from Nov. 1 to Oct. 31 of each year.

10. How can I change my password if I can’t log in?

If you are having trouble logging and want to change your password, please click on the ‘reset password’ link under ‘Have you lost or forgotten your password?’ If you are still having trouble logging in after this step, please contact the office and we will help solve your issue.

11. I am an RMT in a province/territory outside of BC, but I would like to practice massage therapy when I move to BC. What should I do? *

If you live in a different province and would like to start practicing in British Columbia as an RMT, please refer to the CMTBC website. This webpage is the best option. You can also phone the CMTBC (toll free 1-877-321-3404, local 604-736-3404). We are an independent association and operate separately from the CMTBC. Though we post courses on our ‘professional education’ page, this is only as an advertisement service. We do not have any more information about this process.

12. Do you offer extended benefit insurance?

Unfortunately we do not offer extended benefit insurance at this time. We need a lot of people to commit to it, a minimum of 100. That seems easy considering we have nearly 3000 members, but we have only had a couple of people commit to both offerings. Therefore until we obtain more signees, we cannot provide extended benefits.

13. I would like to change my contact information. How can I do this?

To change your information (e.g. address, phone number, etc.), please click on the ‘Manage Profile’ link on the top right part of your screen above the ‘Log Out’ link. From here, you can change your contact information, add your CMTBC registraiton number/year, and update your clinic information. After changing the information, make sure to click on the ‘Save Profile’ button at the bottom of the page. Then the changes you make will be updated on your database file and our ‘Find an RMT’ page on our website.

14. I am an associate member, but would like to become a full-time RMTBC member. What should I do?

Contact our office to find out how to become a full-time member.

15. I’d like to request an income tax receipt at the end of the year. How can I do this?

Your member dues and insurance are tax deductible. A copy of your official tax receipt will be mailed to you in December or early January.

16. I am an RMTBC member but not currently active. How can I become active again?

In order to resume your practice, first ensure that you have met the renewal requirements of CMTBC. Then contact our office to purchase your membership and insurance. Submit your proof of insurance coverage to the college to complete all requirements and you will be set to go.

17. Are RMTs required to have WCB insurance coverage?

If you are an employer who hires one or more workers on a full-time, part-time, casual or contract basis:

You are legally required to register for insurance coverage with WorkSafeBC. For example:

• If you are a general contractor who employs workers or hires labour contractors who don’t carry their own workplace insurance coverage, you are required to register.

• If you are a general contractor who subcontracts all work to independent firms or to labour contractors who have their own workplace insurance coverage, registration may still be mandatory. Contact the Employer Service Centre.

• If your subcontractor is registered but not making payments to WorkSafeBC as required, you could be liable for insurance premiums owing in connection with the work or service being performed on your behalf. If you’re not registered, and your subcontractor’s account isn’t up to date, or if the subcontractor misrepresents its registration (i.e. if WorkSafeBC considers the subcontractor to be a worker), you could also be liable for the costs of a claim should someone be injured on the job. For your own protection, it’s good practice to request a clearance letter. This will tell you whether a business, contractor or subcontractor is registered with WorkSafeBC and up to date on its premiums.