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Leanna D Poirier

With over 18 years combined education and experience, Leanna takes pride in her role as your health care provider. Graduating from ICT Northumberland College (Honors) in 2004, Leanna has spent her career as a Registered Massage Therapist helping her clients rehabilitate from injury, correcting postural imbalances, while educating on the importance of maintaining tissue health, and prevention of further injury. Leanna takes pride in her assessment skills, and is confident in her hands-on approach during her massage therapy sessions.

Returning to school in 2014, Leanna has also worked as a Primary Care Paramedic here on the Avalon. Her continued education and work experiences have helped her to further understand how the body works and responds to illness and injury. Leanna has had the opportunity to see injury at its initial onset, from Motor Vehicle Collisions, fractures, sprains and strains. Seeing the mechanism of injury first hand has given Leanna an even greater working knowledge of soft tissue injury, and what hands on treatment approach is necessary to help her clients during the rehabilitation process.

Leanna’s greatest passion has always been client care. Having the ability to help someone get relief from pain, overcome a debilitating injury, and return to their regular activities of daily life is the most rewarding feeling. That feeling in itself has been the continuing drive for Leanna in her massage therapy career.

Leanna is currently taking new clients and looks forward to being a part of your health care and wellness plan. Come see her at The Hair Strand and Spa, conveniently located in Cedar Plaza on Topsail RD, Paradise.

Phone No. (709) 690-6891
Hours: Daytimes, Evenings, Weekends
1306 Topsail Road
Cedar Plaza
A1L 1N9