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Meigan Aspin

Meigan specializes in therapeutic deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, craniosacral therapy, neuroskeletal re-alignment therapy, myofascial release and reiki. She has been a registered massage therapist for over 17 years now, and since her early beginnings in the profession, has managed to establish a thriving practice of her own which she operates under the name Healthyself. A name that holds the truest meaning in her mind, of the real accord to achieving optimal personal wellness. The duality of the name Healthyself, which can also be read; heal thy self; really has distinctive value when relating it to the understanding that the body, has an innate ability to heal itself, when the right areas are targeted and when the nervous system is calmed and nourished. For Meigan, that particular philosophy, in connection with the importance of choosing to live well, in order to truly feel well, lies at the heart of being able to move through life with good physical and emotional ease. When choosing the techniques applied to each individual’s treatment, she approaches it on a purely individualized basis, which ensures she addresses the root cause, so that positive results are produced. Her business originated 16 years ago, where she once lived, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She attracted a population with a broad amount of needs; from rehabilitative, acute injury care, to all round prevention and even just general stress reduction and relaxation. She was often requested to subcontract out her expertise for special events such as elite sporting events, working on film sets for various A-list celebrities, as well as being called upon to provide treatments for visiting musicians, to help enhance their pre-show performance. This broad experience over the years has enabled her to become adaptable in her approach, and familiarized with a host of different ailments and conditions. For over 8 years she also co-facilitated wellness retreats in Central America, and has lead workshops geared toward helping to inspire people to make healthier choices, and to live well. Apart from a love for her career in the healing arts, Meigan is also a 900 hour certified Yoga Teacher, and has achieved profound changes in her own health through dedicating to her daily personal practice, which motivates her to strive to share this ancient wisdom with others. As well, she is a mad passionate traveler and has clocked over 100,000km’s in the Sprinter camper van that she, her 4 y.o. little girl, Sophia, and her husband Peter, call their “second home”. When she's not dreaming up the next travel destination to tick off the bucket list, she enjoys spending her time gardening, kayaking, mountain biking, all forms of ski action, and the solitude of being in nature. Meigan has been Atlantic Province hopping, ever since growing up in Prince Edward Island, on a Farm. Upon high school completion, from a New Brunswick boarding school, in Rothesay, She then moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and called it home for 17 years, until a grand move in the Summer of 2014. Now, the dream of living in a thriving outdoor recreational wonderland has turned true, and together with Peter, they bought a house on the ocean in 2014, and built a next door accommodation rental in 2015, within one of Canada's true jewels – Gros Morne National Park. They have recently moved into the home of their dreams, which was a two year long build project.  So they now enjoy the folks that they meet with their two accommodation rentals, and are excited for the plans they have in mind, to base from their new home.   She is thrilled to be a part of this thriving and inspired community of people, and is invested to strive toward being a healthy living advocate within the community and abroad.

34A Bugden's Cove Rd P.O. Box #347
Norris Point
A0K 3V0