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What's your username?
You can use either your email or your username on the old site.
Don't remember your email?
Your email might be an old one. Try any old ones that you can remember.
Don't know your username?
Your username is a combination of your first and last name, separated by an underscore.

Here are some examples:

  • Jane Doe = Jane_Doe
  • John M. Scott = John_M Scott
  • John M. Scott = John_M_Scott
  • Michael Smith-Scott = Michael-Smith_Scott
Used Forgot Password but didn't get an email?
Sometimes the Forgot Password emails go to your Spam or Trash folders.
Still can't get in?
Unfortunately, names with hyphens and initials were not stored in the old system in a standard way, so data might not match up with the new one's. If you still need help logging in, please contact Pat.